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Welcome to Patanjali Rishikul

The new learning centre which became operational in 2011 presently comprises of classes upto 12. It has well equipped learning facilities in order to provide a creative environment where the students are encouraged to participate and interact, explore and discover, create and excel.

We are inspired by the vision laid down by the founder Late Shri Lokmanilal who had the firm conviction that only temples of learning could regenerate our nation

Our Motto
True education 1234 abstains man from narrow - minded thinking, selfishness, ego, violence and anger. It helps spread and suffuse love, kindness and compassion amongst fellow begins.
Our Mission
The system of education followed by Patanjali Rishikul shall ignite in the young minds an urge to innovate, a spirit to create, a scientific temper and respect for human values. As each soul is potentially divine the goal is to manifest that divinity within and without.